30 days to change


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The other day I was talking to a friend about the surgery I had on my shoulder. I was saying how well it had recovered and it was only a few months ago. It was only then I realised it was over a year ago. Time seems to fly. It was while recovering from the surgery I first saw this talk. What a great idea I thought. Do something for 30 days to make a difference. Lets make this  November different  and we’ll certainly remember it.

Check out this clip on TED talks. It only takes 3 minutes and it will transform November 2012 for you.

30 days to change

I think the problem is we are so busy doing what we have to do. whether that’s work, or even going out with friends every night. We get so involved we don’t stop to do all those things we’ve always wanted to.

So stop for a moment have a read through the list below to get you thinking and let’s get started on the first of November who knows after doing it for 30 consecutive days we could achieve something great or create a habit that will become the norm. Whatever you decide it’ll be a month to remember.

Here are a few examples to get you thinking. Be creative, but be realistic.

Grow a moustache for Movember

Speak to a someone you don’t know

Do some form of exercise everyday

Visit the gym everyday

Warm up and stretch properly everyday

Give someone a compliment

Make someone laugh(Mens brains Vs Womens Brains)

Give up chocolate

Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day

Give up crisps or alcohol

Take a picture everyday

It has to be realistic and achievable.

We’d like everyone to do it. This will be the MIND part of sound mind and body.

So what next .

  1. tell us what it is your going to do
  2. we’ll give you a pseudonym
  3. Every time you’re in the gym mark off, next to your pseudonym whether you’ve done it or not.
  4. Enjoy the challenge with everyone else
  5. At the end of the 30 days enjoy your feeling of self achievement.


You may be slightly sleep depraved but you will have achieved your goal.

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