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Just wondering how to get down


Its been 5 days since I began my fit at 40 campaign. For those of you who missed the first instalment I decided that in the 30 days prior to turning 40 I would try and stick to a bodyweight only training plan & pair this with a strict no alcohol, no dairy & vastly reduced sugar diet.

I don’t generally eat much processed sugar but had noticed whilst logging my food diary that the amount of sugar was quite high. The source of this was generally from milk/dairy and from sugary fruits such as apples & grapes. I did think that my diet was fairly good & I am sure that these foods are good for you but in my quest for a six pack at 40 I thought that 30 days without wouldn’t harm & see if it really was sugar to blame for keeping it under wraps in the past.

With this in mind I went off too Waitrose & picked up as many basic foods as I could find. No grapes or apples. Only banana’s for a pre training pep up & frozen raspberries to go in the post training shake. Raspberries are relatively low in sugar & the sweetness helps drive the protein into the system (a little insulin spike) & I know the banana isn’t the best either but I think it helps with training intensity so it stays for now.

The rest of the food is fairly simple. I guess the caveman diet springs too mind although someone I was training with did point out that Tuna didn’t come in tins in those days!

This should keep me going for a few days









So far I have coped well with the food. I would say that my diet can only ever be described as functional with my meals all being prepared in the morning & consisting of a protein source and either a salad or mixed vegetables. Food critics wouldn’t give me any Michelin stars for my efforts but I do try to add flavour and variety.

The porridge fest on a morning has been by far the worst bit. I like it usually because of the ease of preparation & the milky sweet goodness, not to mention the cool and zingy grapes but now I am not allowed either of those things so what to do?

My first attempt did not go well. I forgot to put the water in and only realised when the burnt oat smell hit my nostrils from within the microwave! The second go wasn’t much better and I had to add a spoon full of peanut butter and some protein shake to make it taste anywhere near palatable. By day 4 however I have it sussed, still not as good as the original but water & a small quantity of protein shake added after I have cooked it to cool it down & its actually not too bad – Honest!!

More about the food next time.

The training has been fun but then I always thought it would be. Back day consisted of various pull ups and I was going to post some videos of the single arm eccentric versions we were trying at the end until my brother in-law pointed out that I looked like a demented bald monkey! End result of session was a back & biceps slightly affected by muscle soreness.

Legs day next & payback for Michael ( brother in law). Workout consisted of 4 rounds of a 10/leg single leg box step ups onto 30″ step superset with 2 lengths of the gym walking lunge. Next up was 4 rounds of 10/leg sliding side lunge & 10/leg sliding reverse lunges, 8/leg single leg pistol squats & a V-sit with rotation.

Chest day was tough. I decided to do a tabata session for chest, triceps & abs. Exercises were 1.pressups, 2.Abs wheel leg tucks, 3. Dips, 4. alternating box press ups, 5. Chair Dips, 6. TRX Chest Fly, 7. Close hands press ups, 8. Abs frame leg raise, 9. Back extension, 10.Bottom pressup position side to side plank. Each one for 8 tabata cycles. It was effective to say the least and the desired muscles were fatigued enough to cause a significant problem during Gemma’s yoga class later that day.

I couldn’t train on Sunday but to make up for it I went out running on Monday morning. I did have an idea in mind for the run too – the 400m walking lunge test in the middle against the clock.

I set off early to the old running track in Heaton/Sandyford & used the run as a warm up for the challenge ahead. As you can see from the short intro & finished videos I am not the most composed during exercise but I enjoyed the achievement & will definitely do it again soon to see if I can beat the 12:20 time it took to get around the track






The run home was interesting too as my thighs were cramping for a while but think they are ok now and should be feeling good tomorrow.

Well that’s it for this one. I do feel that I am getting a bit leaner (even after a week) and certainly don’t feel like my energy levels are reduced so hopefully its working well & I will feel and look better in 25 days and counting…