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I feel different! Its the end of my fit at 40 campaign & honestly I feel a lot has happened to me & my body since I started 30 days ago. I have definitely lost weight, my clothes are all on the large size & even my skinny boy jeans (I have a wardrobe for when I am at my biggest & another for when I am leaner) are hula hooping around my newly super-trimmed waist.

My arms and legs have also shrunk in circumference slightly but are a lot more cut than they were before. Obviously the strict diet has had an impact on this and & also think that the bodyweight training, with its higher volume & lower weight (especially legs), has meant the volume of the muscle has reduced. Saying that, my strength seems to have maintained which has resulted in an improved Power/Weight ratio.

Showing off.

I don’t know if any of you read my previous post & in particular watched the video showing my first in roads into muscle ups? If you did & had the volume turned up you can hear one of Dom’s clients exclaiming that I was showing off again! It’s very funny especially when straight after Melanie, our glamorous receptionist & chief photographer, exclaims Oh My God, which is also caught on film!

In a way it is a bit of showboating but not intentionally as I don’t really proclaim to be proficient at any of the exercises I have been trying I just find them more challenging than doing say a regular pull up in the same way a 2 point plank is harder than a regular plank. That I think is the thing with exercise & fitness. Its not about what others can do, although they can be used as a goal or motivation, its about what you can do for yourself & the constant work towards becoming the best you can be in whatever it is that you get the most enjoyment from.

The Diet

The food is becoming the norm now. I don’t even wince at the morning gruel as I have perfected the protein shake alternative to milk. Heat the porridge with water in the usual manner but then use cold water in the shake. Not too much so its quite thick & that shake vigorously so its very aerated. Mix it into the porridge & then enjoy. Still not quite the full milk & grapes special but certainly more palatable than water only. I was also suffering with a little boredom of variety of food & have worked hard to make every meal as flavoursome as possible. I have chosen some random veg to add into salads & other meals. Basic rule for this was if it had a strong flavour it was in. I have worked my way through a jar of Jalepeno’s each week & quite a few fresh chilli’s have also played their part. Pre roasting beetroot, tomatoes, courgettes & peppers make salads more interesting for sure just don’t be shocked at the after effects of the beetroot the next day!

I have certainly missed treat foods though & the bag of giant chocolate buttons is waiting in the fridge for when the challenge is over. I also have a strange urge for apple & blackberry crumble with custard but generally I am quite content with the food I have been eating & wont go straight back into any major bad eating habits too soon.

Help & Support

I am generally a quite motivated, although laid back, kind of guy & if I say that I will do something then unless its impossible or becomes unfeasible then I generally see it through to its conclusion & this challenge has ben no different. I do find this sort of thing interesting anyway, sort of an experiment where I am the test rat & the gym is the lab, so it has been fairly easy to be honest. The only times I have found it difficult is when I have not planned the food well & I have been tired from getting up early or finishing work late. A combo of all three is almost fatal for success. Omelettes have saved the day on more than one occasion.

In the last week however and probably due to a mixture of calorie cutting & sometimes training 2 or 3 times a day (running with clients & yoga included) I have found motivation an issue. Not a major one but sometimes just lethargic and would have quite happily just gone and done something else. Gemma & Dom came to the rescue for me this week. Dom helped take the strain out of thinking of things to do & Gemma, ever the whirlwind, came up with numerous workouts and as she is like a coiled spring most of them were plyometric and certainly helped get the last few workouts sorted. Thanks to both for the help.

Denise obviously has come up trumps with some of the meals, Sea bass & Asparagus wrapped in Palma ham were certainly highlights. Obviously in return I had to keep her fuelled with hotel chocolate salted caramel buttons. Very good apparently!!

And so to the results…

The moment I have been working towards for the last month is finally here. Its the 30th of May and time for the final weigh in and measurements! I am nervous. I want some bits to have shrunk (waist in particular) & others to have stayed the same (Arms, chest, back, legs & shoulders). So here goes.

Starting Weight – 81.4kg, Final Weight 76.1kg. That’s  -6.8Kg (11.7lb) Very pleased!!


Calf start – 366. End 360 (-6mm)

Thigh start 599. End 578 (-21mm)

Hips start 995. End 973 (-22mm)

Waist start 816. End 767 (-49mm nearly 2″ – Woohoo)

Chest start 1060. End 1055 (-5mm)

Arms start 370. End 363 (-7mm)

Neck – No Change.

Generally then the measurements have been a success. The waist has gone down by almost 2″ but the rest of me has only gone down only marginally. Thighs are down almost an inch but they do look very quite defined so I am still happy with them & will try to build them up slowly once the barbell squats come back into the circuits. Chest & arms are least changed too so that’s a bonus. Happy faces all around.

Body fat also gone down from 10.8% to 8.4% so I am pleased with that too which is pretty good in 30 days.

The Before & After shots.







As you can see the change has been quite good. Yes I know the full 6=pack isn’t quite there & I think another couple of weeks would do it but too be honest I am not that bothered to get more ripped. I cant afford a full new wardrobe of clothes & I think it would be sooooooooo easy to become obsessed with that. Denise said I was too lumpy to cuddle & someone said my face was getting a bit too much like Skeletors (see he-man circa 1980) so that’s not a good thing either. I do however feel like my training has turned a new corner & although I will be bringing weights back into my life I will certainly be sticking with the glory boy moves I have grown to love! Yoga is also in to stay as the benefits are awesome & the challenge is great.

I am pleased with the results & as you can see a lot can be achieved in 1 month with the right focus, planning & determination. Yes its difficult & I know people are busy with other things going on in their lives but I have still allowed myself meals out, days off & had a few lie in mornings so its not all train train train that’s for sure. It was on the whole very much fun & a great way to start the next decade of my life.

Just wondering what the next blog will be about? Maybe bulk up by eating out for a month – now that’s a challenge!!!!

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