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Kinesio tape and was developed in Japan around 25 years ago.

Greetings one and all to what will be the first of many monthly columns to address all your physiotherapy and injury needs.  I’m not going to bore you with an introduction about me; all that information can be found in the blog which is also attached.

I’d much rather start as I mean to go on – with ways that I can help to fix all your aches and pains!  If you’ve been watching or reading anything about sport over the past few years you may have noticed your favourite athletes adorned in flashy coloured tape.  In fact most of the Olympic and Paralympics athletes down in London seem to have been caked in it!  Now if you have thought ‘what’s going on?!’ well let me tell you, the tape is known as Kinesio tape and was developed in Japan around 25 years ago.

It works by subcutaneously lifting the skin to improve fluid movement and alleviate pain based on the body’s own natural healing process.  The tape is latex free, has a significantly longer ‘wear’ time and works with your body to allow normal Range of Movement (ROM).  The various taping applications can improve muscle contraction of a weakened muscle (facilitation) or stimulate relaxation of over-contracted/tired muscles (inhibition).  The tape can be used at any stage of injury from acute to chronic on all regions of the body and it can be used in conjunction with all other forms of rehabilitation.

The tape has been proven to work on the body’s neural, muscular and fascia systems as well as the joints.  The thickness and weight of the tape is designed to approximate the weight and thickness of the skin.  By either facilitating or inhibiting muscles the tape can have a direct and quick effect on reducing poor function and thus optimising functional activity?

As one of the few accredited Kinesio practitioners in the North East I have firsthand experience of how beneficial this tape can be to athletes and indeed non-athletes.  So whether you feel aches or pain due to over exertion, or have been pounding the roads for the Great North Run recently, or simply feeling the strain from extended postures at work this could be the answer to your prayers!

For further information as part of a full physiotherapy assessment and to avail of this month’s special discount please get in touch with me on or telephone 07719157505

Future columns will focus on specific injuries such as anterior knee pain and low back pain to name but two.  This is all very much in its infancy so if you have anything you would like covered please don’t be shy (I’ve been told bairns like that get nowt in these parts!) and get in touch with myself or the gym.  I look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing some of you so the healing can commence.


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