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5 May 2014

Day 2

Well at the end of Day 2 as a vegan I am full of energy, physically very comfortable with no digestive issues, slightly hungry in a pleasant way and sleeping well. I am sticking to 2 cups of coffee and using light almond milk and light soya milk.

Before going into Day 2’s events and food I thought I might give you my ratatouille recipe:


4 cans of chopped tomatoes (reduced in Sainsburys!)

1 aubergine

4 courgettes

6 echelons (long shallots)

2 red peppers

2 cloves of chopped garlic

sea salt

black pepper

4 tablespoons of olive oil (needed as I am having a diet low in fats and for taste- and large pot of ratatouille)

Flat leaf parsley


Chopped all the vegetables up and put them in oven proof pan. Brought to the boil on top of cooker

Then cooked for 2 hours on 200 degrees in the oven

Scatter the parsley on cooked ratatouille.

My Food for Day 2

Breakfast: porridge made with water and a handful of berries (300 calories)

Lunch: ratatouille mixed with red and white quinoa in a small bowl. The great thing about quinoa is its protein and carbohydrate (350 calories)

Snack 1: 2 rice crackers (100 calories)

Snack 2: home-made fruit and vegetable smoothie –juice of 1 lime, handful of berries, pack of pea shoots and half a cup of light almond milk (150calories)

Snack 3: small pack of nuts and dried cherries (140 calories)

Almond milk for coffees (40 calories)

Supper: 4 ryvitas with scraping of mushroom pate (bought) (250 calories)

Total calorie intake for day: 1,350 calories

Fuel output for the day (according to Nike Fuel Band):  2413

Deficit: 1063 (note I am generously calculating calories so it could be better than this)

Total deficit day 1 and 2 = 2,213

If I keep this up by Wednesday eve, end of Day 4 I should have lost a lb. Just shows how hard you have to work to lose weight.

My activities for Day 2 included:

Morning: Computer based work, cooking, a lovely bath and reading

Afternoon took metro in to town and shopped 2 hours and took metro home

Late afternoon 1 hour workout

Evening walk with husband

My high activity days with Tabata classes and own workouts/yoga sessions are still to come so I am hopeful for that 2 day loss at the end of 6 days.

I know I’m beginning to sound ridiculously obsessive about all of this, but remember  I’m trying to successfully conclude my 4 year weight loss journey (not my fitness journey-that will go on for ever……) and I must say I’m enjoying my food.  Additionally the Fuel Band really makes you think about the sufficiency of your exercise.

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