My Vegan Diet Journal Day 3



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It gets better and better. I love my food; feel physically incredibly comfortable and efficient and full of energy.

Something strange has happened-I’m grazing and not eating large meals. It’s working for me and I am surprised. In the bad old days of dysfunctional eating I picked at food all day long and so when embarking on my weight-loss journey steered clear of this approach which Dominic and a number of nutritionists favour.

I’m not missing animal products and am excited by interesting recipes.  I’m planning a wonderful vegan menu for our foodie friends Cliff and Val who are visiting this weekend. Elle Ions has very kindly lent me a wonderful New York cookbook ‘Veganomicon’ (recommended to me by Waterstones’ staff earlier in the week) and I am spoiled for choice.  I’ll let you know the menu on Friday!

So Day 3 was warm and breezy. First thing I worked at my computer, then walked to Jesmond, had coffee with Lois and Liz and her beautiful baby and visited  Waitrose. I filled my rucksack with goodies and walked home. After a light lunch I met with Jacqui, a hypnotherapist who has kindly agreed to deliver what promises to be an exciting session for our Change Programme[1] participants next week.  Then, after 30 minutes of Yoga  I met one of our participants for a progress review in Morrison’s café in Killingworth.

After Killingworth I returned home, ate some food, had a rest and prepared myself for Dan’s Tabata class at Sound Mind and Body Gym.  As ever this mixed class was challenging and fun. Dan manages to cater for people of varying fitness levels and we have all made incredible progress.

Arrived home at 9.30pm and was asleep in bed by 10.30 (excellent night’s sleep-such a joy for me a chronic insomniac). Retirement is such fun!


Breakfast: Porridge and berries (300 calories)  (40 calories almond milk for drinks)

2 morning snacks: Naked Bar (109 calories) and pack of Nuts and cherries (140 calories)

Light lunch: 2 ryvita crispbreads with scraping of mushroom pate (100 calories)

Early light supper: small bowl of ratatouille and quinoa (360 calories)

Post Tabata: homemade green smoothie (250 calories) smoothie and rice cracker (50 calories)

So 1,339 calories consumed and Fuel Band calculated calories burned 2752! Deficit 1413!!!

[1] The Change Programme is a holistic approach to healthy eating, weight loss and fitness development devised by Dominic Bowser and myself. We are currently in the 10th week of our pilot working with 15 lovely people