My Vegan Diet Journal Day 5



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Yvonne’s Vegan Diet Journal

8 May 2014

Day 5

Feeling tired after hectic day with 2 workouts yesterday, lots of cooking and Change Programme groupwork. I seem to ache everywhere, but still enjoying my vegan diet.

I am having a quieter day.  I go into town to Holland and Barrett to my some basics and visit some favourite clothes shops. Since my weight loss I have become incredibly superficial and frivolous.  I do ridiculous things like going into shops and trying clothes on with no intention of buying them. I just want to see if they fit and see what I look like in them. My major discovery has been that it is impossible to know what size you are as size 12, 14 and 16 clothes all seem to be my size depending on which shop I visit.  Then I meet my mum and her pals for coffee and go home.

After lunch I go to the gym and have reviews with 3 of the Change Group participants. This a delight as all three are enjoying the progress they are making. Then I go and do some yoga on my own which I love. I had intended working out, but I am just too tired.

Have a quiet evening in cooking, reading and watching ‘Master Chef’.

My food today has been:

Porridge and berries (300 calories)

Naked Bar (109 calories)

Scrambled tofu and onion (200 calories)

Water melon- 2 slices (200 calories?)

Popcorn (115 calories)

Nuts and berries (140 calories)

Vegetable soup (150 calories)


1,214 calories consumed   Fuel band calories burned 2,160 Deficit:  946 calories