My Vegan Diet Journal Day 4



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7 May 2014

Day 4

Quote of the week from one of the Change Programme participants after I provided them with some vegan tabbouleh:

‘Well that vegan scran was lush.  Cheers really filling’.

And it was.


I made a big vat, so check the quantities on packets and add vegetables as you like. You can also adapt the dressing to your taste. I always make things up (only when cooking!) and adapt recipes:

 Ingredients today:

Bulgar wheat


Chick peas and roasted cashew nuts

Finely  chopped spring onions; red onions; red peppers; tomatoes; celery; cucumber and beetroot

Mint and water cress

Dressing-juice of 2 lemons and 2 limes, olive oil and small amount of pomegranate molasses


Cook the grains and add chick peas, cashew nuts and chopped vegetables. Then pour in the dressing and seasoning and mix thoroughly.

Today it is dressed with mint leaves, roasted seeds and watercress



Today was a busy and enjoyable  day. I did lots of cooking and work in the morning, went to a brilliant circuit class with Dan in the afternoon. Then in the evening delivered groupwork for the Change Programme, followed by Dominic’s superb class for all of our participants and then some of us enjoyed some gentle stretching together.  I went to bed tired and happy.

Today I felt less hungry than usual. I will monitor this. It would be interesting to know if the vegan diet is more satisfying and reduces appetite

Food for the Day ( Lots of grazing!)

Porridge cooked with water and a handful of berries (300 calories)

2 rice cakes (100 calories)

Nuts and cherries (140 calories)

1 Naked bar (109 calories)

1 portion of taboulleh with lots of vegetables (360 calories)

Almond milk for 2 drinks (40 calories)

Handful of blueberries and seeds ( 94 calories)

Total calories consumed: 1143 calories  Fuel  burned according to Nike Fuel Band: 2764 calories

Deficit: 1621 calories

According to my calculations I should be on target for at least a 2lb loss on Saturday. It will be interesting to see……………………..

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