My Vegan Diet Journal Day 6 and 7



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Yvonne’s Vegan Journal

Days 6 and 7

8th and 9th May 2014

Friday Day 6 was a busy day.  I worked at the computer in the morning and then met a Change Programme participant for their review. Afterwards I went to the gym and enjoyed a great Tabata class followed by a fun stretching session with Dan and Sheila.  Jemma, our Yoga teacher popped in with her baby Leo; both looked beautiful and well!

In the afternoon Mick and I walked to Jesmond to buy food for the weekend. We both took rucksacks and bags. We bought so much we had to get the metro back, which worried me as I wanted to exceed my fuel burning target!

On our return I spent the whole evening cooking vegan goodies for our visitors:

  • Cashew and cucumber dip
  • Roasted walnut and mushroom pate
  • Guacomole
  • Tofu with an apricot BBQ sauce

Apart from the guacamole all fiddly recipes and by the time I went to bed I had exceeded my fuel burning target.

Food for the Day

Porridge and berries  (300 calories)

1 Naked Bar (109 calories)

2 ryvitas and mushroom pate (150 calories)

Vegetable stir fry with brown rice (360 calories)

Tasted food I made (200 calories!!!!!)

Almond milk for drinks (60 calories)

Total calories consumed: 1,179  Fuel burned according to fuel band: 2,240 calories Deficit: 1,111

Went to bed nervous because tomorrow morning is the weigh in!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 7

Woke up bright and early to go to gym for my training session with Dominic and the big weigh-in!

I arrived at the gym for 6.45am and Dominic supervised my weigh-in.  We were both relieved and pleased to see that in 6 days I had lost 4.6lbs. I was thrilled. I had researched veganism, planned my food and enjoyed my new approach to eating and it had paid off. I have decided to continue eating a vegan diet at home and to try and eat a vegan diet when I go out. If there is not a vegan option I will go for the vegetarian option.

After a fun training session with Dominic I spent the remainder of the day having more fun with our visitors.  In addition to the food I had made the day before  I also made them a sweet potato, leek, chilli and coconut milk soup, pears poached in tea floating in a dark chocolate and tea sauce and quinoa with mango, cannellini beans, spring onions and red pepper.  Mick made them a lovely fish dish, which I did not partake of! You will also be pleased to know I did not have the pears in chocolate sauce. I haven’t calculated my calorie intake for Saturday but know I did not exceed my 2,400 calorie fuel burned as I ate my usual porridge for breakfast and modest quantities of the food I had prepared.

This week I have learned that eating a vegan diet can keep your energy levels high, provide healthy and tasty food and when planned and managed carefully enable you to lose weight.