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24 May 2014

I’m no longer ‘Looking for the Chair with no Arms’[1] but embarking on the latest and possibly most challenging stage of my weight-loss and fitness journey.

Over the past four years, supported superbly by Dominic Bowser and the whole team at Sound Mind and Body I have managed to lose over half my body weight (over 12 stone) and develop an all-consuming passion for exercise. At 61 I feel younger than I did at 41!  I would still like to lose a final stone, but this is proving difficult. I exercise hard and eat healthily but weight loss is minimal. So yesterday I asked Dominic what I should do. He said that I needed to kick start my system with a new approach to eating and coincidentally at the same time I talked to fellow gym member Eleanor Ions about her success with a vegan diet. All three of us decided that it would be interesting to see if this both aided my weight loss and sustained my current high energy levels.

So today I have embarked upon my new diet and will blog my experience and progress over the next few weeks. My sons are highly amused by my new venture. They are only just coming to terms with the embarrassment of a ‘Gym Bunny’ mother/grandmother and their response has been ‘Well at least your excessive egg consumption will reduce’ and ‘Perhaps you should spend 3 days a week on a rugged Northumberland hillside dressed in white linen meditating.’ The latter would certainly reduce my calorie consumption, but I think I’ll stick with vegan adventure for the time being

Day 1

Porridge cooked with water and a handful of blueberries provided a filling breakfast (300 calories)[2].

This sustained me through the morning involving a 45 minute workout and 30 minutes of yoga and a visit to Sainsbury’s to ensure I have all the ingredients required for a tasty and filling diet:

A colourful array of fruit, vegetables and herbs TofuTofu sausages  QuinoaBrown rice
Mushroom pate Peanut butter Nuts and seeds
Ryvita Low fat and unsweetened Almond milk Soya yoghurt
Naked bars Hummous Filo pastry
I will have to be very strict about the peanut butter, nuts and seeds and mushroom pate consumption. Egg cup size nuts/nuts and seeds consumption per day and a teaspoon of peanut butter and mushroom pate


By the time I left the supermarket at 1.15pm I was ravenous and ate a Naked Bar (109 calories) in the car, followed by a small bowl of vegetable curry at 2pm (250 calories).

After reading the papers I spent most of the afternoon cooking both in preparation for my vegan week and for visitors coming for supper. I made a giant ratatouille (to last for days), asparagus wrapped in filo pastry (courtesy of Ottolenghi) and for the visitors liberally brushed with egg  and scattered with poppy seeds and parmesan and for me 3 with poppy seeds alone. I also made a vegetable soup with lots of ‘metabolism speeding up’ chilli in it to support my week’s eating.

At supper our visitors ate duck with their ratatouille and asparagus and I consumed my asparagus with a small amount of ratatouille (350 calories). Then for pudding we all had mixed berries with a little soya yoghurt (150 calories).

I believe that my calorie intake for the day which includes almond milk in 2 coffees (no I’m not giving up coffee!) was a maximum of 1,150 calories.

In the evening Mick and I went for a walk round Gosforth and when we returned home my Nike Fuel band told me that I had burned 2,300 calories throughout the day giving me a minimum deficit 1,150 calories. To lose a 1lb fat you need a deficit of 3,500 calories so this is looking promising. I would like to have lost 2lbs by my weigh-in next Saturday morning.

How did I feel at the end of Day 1? I felt slightly hungry and comfortable (no digestive issues) and slept very well (not something I often do)

At the end of Day 1 I feel optimistic about this venture into veganism. Maybe my new respect for animals will make me a less aggressive, calmer person- I doubt it!



[1] This is the title of a book I have written about my life transforming health and fitness journey.

[2] All calories are an approximation. My four year journey has enabled me to do be fairly accurate

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