Nearly 40 and finally achieved #Thinspiration Status


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So this is my first ever blog & I guess I am a bit nervous/ perplexed/confused (delete as approporiate) about what its all about. I am embarking into a whole new world of reachng out to the masses & somehow it all feels a bit daunting. I am 40 in a few months and I have previously convinced myself that blogging was for young people who can talk to 7 different people using phone, text, facebook, blog & worst of all twitter all at once (My nephew Jake is a master of this!). Anyway here I am and off I go.

I think the general idea is that I tell people what I am upto & then hopefully give them an insight into why I am upto it & what I expect the outcome to be. All sounds fairly easy in principal but why do people want to listen to me I am not really sure.

The reason for my first blog is to let you all know about Hannah & how she is on a quest for fitness 6 months after the birth of baby Rueben. I talked with her about some PT sessions before the half term & have to say I was intrigued to meet her after she said her ideal goal was to look like Jodie Marsh. Not many ladies have so clear a vision & quite such an extreme one at that!!

Meeting Hannah for the first time was a pleasure and not what I expected after the Jodie Marsh comment. For one I couldnt see any tattoos or ‘special’ enhancements. Just a happy & slighly nervous young mum. Chatting to her in the consultation though was great fun and I hope to be able to help her achieve the Jodie look or at least help her on her way to it over the coming months.

Whats this got to do with being 40 & Thinspiration though I hope you are all thinking, well Hannah is an avid blogger & I was amazed to see that she has already started blogging about her new regime including reference  to me as thinspiration on her Pinterest page. A true compliment for a man (I think) and an oldish one at that!

Anyway if you want to read about how her exercise after pregnancy is progressing in more detail then check out her blog.

So thats it blog number 1 off and running. Hope you didnt doze off too quickly & I will hopefully do some more soon to keep you upto speed about Hannah & other training stuff but until then enjoy it. Its all good really