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Spot Reduction

Get rid of your saddle bags, beer belly, bingo wings or any other unsightly bulges?

Spot reduction is the idea that you can reduce body fat in one area. It’s also known as targeted fat loss, and it’s such an enticing idea that it’s been around for a few decades now. Unfortunately, the only way you can truly experience spot reduction is by liposuction and in my opinion, the risk outweighs the reward by a long shot. There are no lifestyle changes associated with the surgery.  A person doesn’t learn how to change their eating and exercise habits; they just pay a lot of money to have their fat removed and possibly sold to them at a later date in the form of designer soap.

Now that’s cleared up, lets take a look at normal fat gain/loss patterns for the general population.

Females: When you gain fat, it seems to go straight to your bum and thighs, right?  Then, if you gain more weight, you fill out a bit in the other areas such as your stomach, breasts, and then limbs.  Now when you begin losing fat, you find the areas carrying the least amount of fat are the ones to lose fat first while your ass and hips seems to lose fat last.  This is all due to genetics and there is nothing you can do about it!

Men: We tend to gain fat first on our lower abs, then are behind, lower back and eventually, a ton of visceral fat.  This explains why you see a bunch of older guys walking around with beer bellies and skinny limbs.  After the initial fat gain, the fat distribution just keeps adding to the problem areas and eventually adds to the limbs.  The same circumstances apply for men as for women.  The fat gained last will come off first and the fatty tissue that accumulates first will be the last to go.  It’s just the way it is, folks.

So, when you are very anxious to get rid of your flabby bum, thighs and lower abs, remember that the rest of your body will become leaner first and your problem areas will lean out last.

So what’s the best way to obliterating the fat of a said physical location?

Our  approach at Sound mind and Body is 3 part, First we utilize a scientific approach to a focused dietand then move onto a more moderate sustainable diet. This gives clients the initial kick start in weight loss, giving them increased motivation required to maintain the discipline for good eating habits.

Second part is exercise, the most important part for long term weight loss. By combining strength training (and no girls, this won’t make you bulk up, next weeks blog will discuss this) and cardiovascular exercise, ideally a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic for optimal results.

Third part is psychology, put simply habits, breaking bad habits and instilling good ones. Habits become ingrained in our days and in our brains. Good habits are vital for the success and the adherence to a nutritional plan and well designed program. If your habits take the form of regular exercise, eating plants and animals, and getting good sleep, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out you’ll be in good shape.
If you have any questions on this topic or would like any other lifestyle questions answered email Vigan at vigan@soundmind&

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