Sugar – sweet poison


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it’s the sugar you don’t realise you’re eating and drinking

What a great article there was in The Telegraph about sugar recently. You can read it here:

For years we have been talking about how bad sugar is for us and the negative side effects it has on our minds and bodies. I have a sweet tooth and sweets were always used as a reward when we were kids, so as an adult, when I was tired or needed some energy I used to have something sweet. It tasted great and I got a boost from it but then either felt tired or needed more sugar!

The article mentions a lecture on YouTube by Robert Lustig that had more than 3million hits and mentions a book: ‘Pure White and Deadly’ by John Yudkin, which was published as long ago as 1972. Both the lecture and the book are a great eye opener, although maybe a little too in depth for most people.

You can watch the lecture here:

Lustig makes the point during his YouTube lecture that years ago the assumption was that a high fat diet led to high cholesterol, and we would do well to look at the effect sugar has on cholesterol.

A few months ago a lady came to us with high cholesterol and high blood sugar. The only thing we advised she changed in her diet was cutting out sugary snacks, pastries and desserts and she also started to exercise a little more every day. Within three months she had reduced her blood sugar to a normal level and reduced her cholesterol by half. I realise this was not a controlled experiment and we can hardly change everything we do based on this case alone, but it is something we see often and I certainly feel better when I don’t eat sugary foods.