Physiotherapy – Why Doesn’t It Work, or Does It?


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TRX Suspension Trainer

Have you ever heard or said.

‘I’ve seen a physio and it didn’t work.’

I’m not saying all Physio’s get it right all of the time, but they are a wealth of knowledge and the advice they give is based on sound research, experience and given with the best of intentions.

So if it’s the right advice why doesn’t it work.

99% of the time the remedy require us to do some exercises, stretching or treatment ourselves.  This is usually why it doesn’t work.

The exercises only take 2-3 minutes and only need to be done a few times per day. but do we do them? No!

Ok we do them the first day and maybe the second, but then the pain gets a little less and there are other things to be done, we forget and as it’s not agony any more. we’ll live with it. If only we stuck to the advice then the pain in most cases goes and we get back to normal. pain-free, usually with better core stability and muscle balance.

So give the physio a chance. They do work and they work really well when we help them as patients and do some of the work they ask. At the end of the day it is us that will benefit, in terms of being pain-free, and financially we won’t have to go back for more treatment.

This is why Sound mind and body get results quickly. We work closely with our therapist and make sure our clients are doing the work they have been ask to by the physio, surgeon or therapist as part of their workout.

Guess what, when you do the right work you get the right results.